New Volvo FH I-Save features 10% fuel saving and less CO2 emission

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Swedish manufacturer Volvo claim the new generation of FH with I-Save will be more fuel-efficient than its predecessor.
According to the latest announcement by Volvo Trucks and Buses, testing has shown the new generation truck will deliver a 10 per cent saving compared to a standard Volvo FH equipped with a 13-litre Euro-6 Step D engine. That’s three per cent more than the Volvo FH with I-Save introduced in 2019.

Cutting fuel consumption and, as a result, reducing CO2 emissions is crucial for all transport companies, especially those with long haul operations,” says Jessica Sandström, Senior Vice President Product Management at Volvo Trucks.

The new Volvo FH with I-Save is part of Volvo Trucks’ next-generation European product range unveiled this spring. I-Save includes many fuel-saving solutions, of which the most important is the Volvo D13TC engine – a 13-litre turbo compound engine launched at the start of 2019, which is the company’s most fuel-efficient engine to date.

To unlock the additional savings, developers have made software updates based on detailed user data analysis. The balance between fuel consumption and driveability has also been refined and optimised, leading to a further reduction in fuel consumption when driving in Eco mode.

In addition to an upgrade of I-Save, the new Volvo FH has a more aerodynamic design. To save even more fuel, I-See now has a new function that enables the truck to detect when it’s efficient for the engine to rev up slightly and then freewheel, even on roads that look flat to the human eye.

Facts about the new Volvo FH with I-Save

  • Volvo’s 13-litre engine with turbo compound technology (Volvo D13TC) is available with a choice of either 460 hp (2,600 Nm) or 500 hp (2,800 Nm)
  • Its Map-based I-See uses information about the planned route to utilise the truck’s kinetic energy
  • Its I-Shift gear changing system has software optimised for long-haul operations (Eco mode)
  • Thanks to its I-Cruise with I-Roll, speed i adjusted to keep fuel consumption down
  • Fuel-efficient rear axle
  • Idle shutdown
  • Variable power steering pump

Photo credit @ Volvo Trucks and Buses