Look! There’s a truck flying over the sky!

Look! There’s a truck flying over the sky!

Can 2000 drones pick up a 40-ton truck? Well, yes, it seems so. Scania is creating a virtual space where its own experts meet and exchange ideas regarding trends and visions with external voices like researchers, futurists and videographers and writers. This project is called Future Room and the company has made quite a stunning video to promote it.

“We want to make more people curious about Scania. Both to get those who already know us to see different sides of us, but also to trigger a future-driven audience that doesn’t necessarily yet know they should pay attention to us,” says Erik Ljungberg, Head of Communications, Brand and Marketing at Scania. 

As you can see, it is possible to pick up and fly a 40-ton truck across the sky. But does it make any sense? What do you think?



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