Alcott Global Leaders In Tech & Ecommerce podcast: Michael Wax, CEO of Forto

Michael Wax is the Co-Founder and CEO of Forto, Europe’s first digital freight forwarding company and the largest one as well. They are building the digital backbone for the multi-trillion global trade market and are currently at 1.2 billion valuation. They have raised a number of big rounds with the latest one, backed by SoftBank, which was 240 million. They are present in 14 locations worldwide and have about 600 people in a very short span of time.

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Some of the highlights from this week’s podcast are as follows:

  • How the idea for Forto came about
  • The future of the 3PL Industry 3-10 years from now- will Forto become one of the top 10?
  • Forto’s interview structure and why is performance revenue structure essential- giving candidates a good hiring experience
  • New way of measuring inflation- unemployment rate and increase in prices.
  • Advice to people making the shift from a corporate type of job to a startup entrepreneurial type

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