CB radio banned in Germany. New regulations enter into force in one month’s time

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Drivers who use CB radios in Germany from 1 July onwards will be fined.

In October 2017, tighter provisions of the Road Traffic Act entered into force in Germany. At that time, the use of phones, smartphones, smartwatches, mp3 players, tablets, notebooks, dictation machines and discmans were banned while driving. The amendment also covered CB radio, but there is a transitional period until 1 July 2020. The ban on using CB radio while driving, therefore, comes into force in exactly one month. The Act allows only for hands-free operation of the above-mentioned devices – including CB radio – without taking eyes off the road. Provided, of course, that the driver has the equipment to do so. 

The fines will be between €100 and €200. In addition, if an accident and damage to property occur through the use of any of these devices, the driver may have his driving licence withdrawn for one month.

Photo: Trans.INFO