DFDS boast new Ireland-France ferry offers „paperless transport”

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DFDS have announced a new freight ferry route between Rosslare and Dunkerque – a service that the Danish shipping company boast will offer „paperless transport between EU countries”.

The first departure of the new service will set sail on 2nd January 2021 and the route is to be serviced by three ferries, each of which can hold up to 125 lorries and their drivers in „Covid-19 safe” single cabins.

DFDS say there will be six weekly departures from each port, either in the afternoon or evening, with a crossing time of 24 hours.

Throughout autumn, Irish Road Haulage Association President Eugene Drennan maintained that the current landbridge route to the European Continent from Ireland cannot now be regarded as the only reliable option for Irish hauliers post-Brexit.

Speaking in Rosslare on Friday, DFDS route director Aidan Coffey went one step further by stating that the UK landbridge route will become „absolutely clogged” and be „unviable” for Irish hauliers.

Although travelling by ferry to France takes approximately 18 hours, it allows drivers to use their drivers’ hours wisely and to drive to their destination once they are off the ferry. This is something DFDS alluded to this in their press statement:

„Upon arrival in Dunkerque or Rosslare, the drivers will be fully rested and can continue driving immediately and be able to reach many major destinations within their legal driving limit. In addition to this, the sea voyage will reduce the dependency on the UK land bridge and open direct opportunities for trade within EU’s single market.”

The new line will also create jobs both in Rosslare and Cork, where DFDS will be represented by new offices, as well as Dunkerque.

Photo credit: Bo Randstedt / Wikimedia Commons