DHL eCommerce leaders comment on industry trends at International Logistics Centre opening

DHL kicked off the month of March 2024 with the opening of a parcel sorting centre near Poznan in the west of Poland. The facility has been branded a “game changer” by the company, and can handle an impressive 1 million parcels per day at full capacity.

The centre will predominantly serve consumers both in Poland and Germany, and its opening comes as the battle for parcel delivery supremacy is hotting up in both markets, especially in Poland, where growth has been strong in the sector.

How does Poland’s eCommerce sector rank? And what is the state of play when it comes to open parcel lockers networks and the import of parcels from China? To find out, we spoke to Pablo Ciano, CEO of DHL eCommerce, and Agnieszka Świerszcz, CEO of DHL eCommerce Poland.