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DHL strengthens Swedish e-commerce delivery with parcel locker expansion

Logistics giant DHL has announced plans to significantly expand its parcel locker network in Sweden by 2024. The move is in line with the company's global strategy to strengthen its e-commerce capabilities.

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The expansion will see roughly 1,000 new parcel lockers installed, primarily in major Swedish cities. DHL will collaborate with existing partner iBoxen, utilizing their white-label locker solutions.

This investment reflects a long-term commitment to the Swedish market, according to DHL. The company outlines plans for continued last-mile electrification, service digitisation, and the introduction of new offerings alongside the locker network growth. These initiatives aim to enhance convenience and cater to evolving customer preferences.

E-commerce is a constantly evolving landscape, and DHL is committed to evolving alongside it, said Robert Zander, CEO of DHL Freight Sweden & Nordics. We aim to provide a strong offering to both e-retailers and consumers, with this parcel locker expansion marking the first step in that direction. We want to be the natural first choice for all their shipping needs.

The expansion comes amidst a booming Swedish e-commerce market. According to the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises’ Parcel Index, parcel volume rose nearly 9% in 2023. Consumer behavior has also shifted, with a growing demand for flexible and convenient delivery options beyond traditional service points. Parcel lockers are increasingly favored due to factors like accessibility, price, and availability.

Our e-commerce initiative addresses this evolving consumer demand for diverse out-of-home delivery solutions, said Zander. By leveraging our expertise, quality, and established network, we can expand our services and ultimately increase customer satisfaction in Sweden.