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DVSA deploys extra staff to fine HGVs jumping queues in Kent

The DVSA has deployed additional enforcement teams in Kent for the next couple of weeks to intercept drivers who are trying to bypass the queues by using other roads.

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In its latest Daily Digest Bulletin, the DVSA informed its subscribers that the agency is deploying extra staff in Kent to fine those HGV drivers who try to jump queues.

As the newsletter reads, during the last half term holiday, the agency discovered some lorry drivers were causing congestion by deliberately violating traffic management guidance.

To prevent such actions, more officers will check traffic and fine HGV drivers.

Any vehicles caught violating traffic management guidance will be issued with a £300 fine and sent to the back of the queue.

As we have earlier reported, Operation Brock was re-introduced again on 10 July because of the afore-mentioned holiday traffic in Kent.