2 “mega trucks” hit Spain’s roads in Carrefour and Procter & Gamble joint venture

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2 “mega trucks” hit Spain’s roads in Carrefour and Procter & Gamble joint venture

Two so-called “mega trucks” carrying up to 60 tons are being used to transport goods in Spain as part of a Carrefour – Procter & Gamble joint venture.

Both parties believe the trucks will reduce CO2 emissions from their joint logistics operations by at least 16%.

The two vehicles, which can carry more than three conventional trucks, began operating on Spanish roads on yesterday.

Spanning a total length of more than 25 metres, the vehicles consist of a trailer of more than 13 metres with cargo space for 33 pallets and a semi-trailer of almost 8 metres with cargo space for 18 pallets . This configuration allows a maximum load of 60 tons compared to the current 40 tons of a conventional truck.

Amaya Sarasa, Senior Supply Chain Director for Procter & Gamble in Spain and Portugal, said the mega trucks are part of the company’s aim to reduce emissions from trucks by 50% between 2020 and 2030:

At P&G, sustainable supply chain management has become a strategic element for the business. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of emissions associated with the transport of our finished products by 50% by 2030 compared to the 2020 baseline. This is a clear example of innovation putting sustainability at the center and that is only possible through of the collaboration between supplier, manufacturer and distributor.

Alexandre de Palmas, Executive Director of Carrefour Spain, also explained how the supermarket chain plans to reduce its emissions:

At Carrefour, our objective by 2025 is to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%. As part of our strategy, we were the first distribution company in 2017 to incorporate compressed natural gas trucks into its fleet to deliver e-commerce orders together with home delivery vans with identical characteristics. Today we are taking another step forward with the commissioning of these two mega trucks, which we will reduce CO2 emissions from our joint logistics operations by at least 16% .

Photo credit: Carrefour and P&G

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