2 stolen lorries and “some” whisky worth of £100,000: nice catch by the British police

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British police recovered two stolen lorries with their precious cargo on Monday. The loot – whisky ready to be exported from the UK – worth more than £100,000. The thieves must have realised that the police were after them as the vehicles were abandoned by the time the officers got there.

As Durham Special Constabulary reported, the catch was a joint effort of officers from Durham, Cleveland and North Yorkshire. First, Cleveland officers located the first tractor unit which had been used to steal the container filled with bottles of whisky awaiting export, Then Durham Special Constabulary identified and located the outstanding stolen trailer being towed by a second HGV out of the county. Finally, officers from North Yorkshire and Durham coordinated a response to stop the above-mentioned lorry. 

The vehicle was abandoned with all the stolen goods still on board. Police found out that the lorry had been stolen 2 months earlier and was used with false registration plates.

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