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After the Brazilian trucker Sheila Bellaver and the Swedish beauty Angelice Larsson, the time has come for another lady who knows something about long routes. 21-year-old Martina McNally shows that the transport industry does not scare away beautiful women. Baptized as the Irish transport queen, Martin stands out on the road not only because of her beauty but also because of the truck she drives. It is worth 200 thousand euros!

21-year-old Martina McNally gained popularity thanks to the show in the program „Stetsons and Stilettos” focusing on showing the lives of drivers who take part in the annual congress Full of the Pipe Truck Show Ireland. Every day the trucker travels all over Europe. After hours, however, she takes part in competitions organized at various types of automotive events. She drives a Scania T-730, which she affectionately calls „Bully.”


Bully is my pride and joy. This is my truck with a „bull’s nose”, which I take on all competitions organized throughout Ireland, Great Britain and Europe” – comments Martina.

Martina points out that the price of a truck she drives daily is three times lower. The „Bully” truck has a power of 730 hp. Its look catches the eye, and in competitions, it always ranks high – it is considered one of the top ten in the UK. No wonder that the truck is the flagship vehicle in the Irish family transport business – A & M Commercials.

A woman in the industry is still a rare view

In an interview with The Mirror, Martin remembers that her presence at the wheel of a monster truck is surprising to the point that she can … stop traffic.

– You meet people and you think their brake lights are saying, „Look at this girl! She drives a truck!” Children, for example, point at me. You rarely see a woman-trucker – she admits.

Martina also admits that participation in competitions for the best truck makes her happy. However, she has to face a male environment that is sometimes difficult.

When I enter the line of trucks, they ask me if I’m accidentally lost. I have to show my admission ticket twice in order to prove that I am a truck driver – says Martina.

At one point, Martina felt herself being pigeonholed.

If you do something wrong, it’s not because you’re learning, just because you’re a girl. This is the only thing that I do not like” – she concludes.

However, she is not going to stop. Martina became an inspiration for other women-truckers. As she herself points out, after participating in the RTE television show, she started receiving phone calls from women who were driving trucks.

There are many girls who send me text messages that they want to take the wheel of a truck. I encourage them to do this one hundred percent. It’s a matter of self-confidence” – summarizes the trucker.


Photo: McNally


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