Photo by Michał Jakubowski on Unsplash

22 CCTV cameras to be installed at Swedish rest area to improve security

The Swedish Transport Administration has been granted permission to install CCTV cameras at the Glumslöv rest area south of Helsingborg. According to Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, the intention behind the move is to make the rest area safer for the drivers who use it.

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The motorway rest area, which is located between Landskrona and Helsingborg, consists of two car parks on either side of the E6.

The two facilities have nonetheless been the scene of 168 reported crimes in 2019 and 2020. That has led to the Swedish Transport Association taking measures to beef up security with 22 rotating CCTV cameras.

The cameras will record what is happening in the rest area and may also be used for real-time surveillance. The system will cover most of the areas where trucks are parked, but wont film the petrol stations, restaurants or tables and seats in the area.

The CCTV monitoring is a pilot project and first from the Swedish Transport Administration. Other rest stops may follow as the authority has been commissioned by the government to increase safety at the country’s rest areas. The monitoring of the rest area will be handled by both the Swedish Transport Administration and the police.

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Photo by Michał Jakubowski on Unsplash