OOCL Logistics/GSBM blockchain-based system helps avoid paperwork delays

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Logistics and supply-chain solutions provider OOCL Logistics has declared the pilot of its blockchain based Cargo Release application a success. Developed with the not-for-profit technology consortium Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) in Rotterdam, the app was piloted with the aid of partners including shipping giant COSCO.

OOCL Logistics/GSBM blockchain-based system helps avoid paperwork delays
Photo: OOCL Logistics press materials

In a statement praising the Cargo Release system, OOCL Logistics said the system had “connected all parties involved at the port of import including shipping lines, consignees, agents and terminals to offer a paperless, highly efficient and transparent digitalized solution, enabling customers to eliminate manual processes and remove any need for physical exchanges of paper documentation.”

Among those to participate in the pilot was OOCL Logistics customer SUMEC, as well as Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) and COSCO SHIPPING Lines.

“During the shipment which OOCL Logistics provided various inbound logistics services including import arrival handling, customs clearance, container transportation and warehousing to SUMEC, OOCL Logistics connected its own system – PODIUM® with the blockchain-enabled platform and all associated documentation and movement of cargo was shared among all the relevant parties,” boasts OOCL Logistics’ press release.

The paperless document flow provided by the system, together with its transport monitoring, is said to have accelerated the shipment process and simplified the exchange of documents from days to hours. It could also facilitate decision making while avoiding delay of manual paperwork and extra costs, OOCL Logistics said.

Ms. Xiang Chen, CEO at OOCL Logistics, said,

“Freight forwarders have a unique opportunity to further enhance global supply chains through digitalization and data. We are delighted to be the first freight forwarder partner of GSBN harnessing their Cargo Release solution to fully embrace information to serve all sides and ultimately achieve better outcomes for our customers.”

OOCL Logistics says the rollout of Cargo Release is the first step to meeting the growing international trade demand and opportunities in the industry while promoting digitalization in global supply chains.

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