Top 30 supply chain officers to be named at next month’s Leaders in Supply Chain Awards

This year's Leaders in Supply Chain Awards, held by Alcott Global, will soon reveal the world's top 30 supply chain officers. The organisers of the annual gala say the awards shall reward excellence in the Supply Chain industry and recognize outstanding careers.

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The event takes place on October 4th and is for executives that want to highlight their work with key contributions to their company’s success. The nomination period closed on the 15th of August.

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The top 5 winners will be able to pick up a trophy designed by Romanian artist Albert Sofian.

“The Leaders in Supply Chain Awards trophies are true works of art, created and executed by the Romanian artist Albert Sofian, as symbols of a supply chain-connected globe. A trajectory surrounding the globe represents the characteristics of supply chain leadership, including strength, resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles, ending with gold at the top  – the pinnacle of a successful leadership journey,” say organisers Alcott Global.

During the submission period for candidates, potential award winners were asked to submit evidence of the following on a confidential basis:

  • how they created a quantifiably more diverse and engaged workforce
  • how they had a quantifiable impact through the use of digital technologies
  • how they had a quantifiable impact in terms of innovation in sustainability

In addition, a clear set of objectives had to be presented explaining the economic, geo-political context. Another requirement was to present the overall impact a candidate’s decisions had over their business.

Other factors taken into consideration by the jury were the candidate’s presence in social media and participation in conferences or interviews, other awards, as well as participation on other boards.

Finally, their commitment to SDGs and UN Global Compact, were taken into account too.

The jury, which has been formed by authorities in the industry from various regions across the world, is as follows:

  • Raul Portela da Cunha, Operating Partner at Alteri Investors
  • Beth Morgan, Founder & CEO of boom!
  • Daniel Stanton, Mr. Supply Chain
  • Deborah Dull, Senior Director Research at Zero100
  • Radu Palamariu, Managing Director Asia Pacific & Europe at Alcott Global

136 chief supply chain officers have been nominated, 49% from North America, 31% from Europe, respectively 20% based in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions. You can see the full list here on the Alcott Global website.