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Switzerland phases out old HGV road toll collecting system and border customs clearance terminals

Switzerland is set to replace its manual toll collection system with the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) by the end of 2024, phasing out border customs clearance terminals for the Heavy Vehicle Fee (HVF).

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Switzerland is set for a major change in its toll collection system as the existing method of collecting Swiss tolls, known as the Performance-related Heavy Vehicle Fee (LSVA), will be completely overhauled by the end of 2024.

The manual service at the payment terminals for the LSVA will be phased out and the terminals will be gradually dismantled, according to the Austrian road transport organisation AISÖ.

The current system will be replaced by the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), which has been available in Switzerland since the beginning of 2021. EETS is intended to become the primary toll collection service for foreign vehicles and will gradually replace the manual system with toll booths at the border.

Foreign vehicle owners are being encouraged by the Swiss Association of Commercial Vehicles (ASTAG) to contact their fuel card providers to equip their vehicles with EETS.

Those already using the service for toll payments in other countries can extend their existing service package to include Switzerland (HVF).

According to the Austrian transport organisation, EETS promises many benefits, including a comprehensive, digital and automated service that reduces waiting times and unnecessary border crossings.

It will also help to avoid errors in manual declarations by drivers and reduce costs at the border.

As Switzerland prepares for this change, more information about the new system and the requirements for foreign-registered vehicles can be found on the HVF website.