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Truckers report a 7-hour wait at some border crossings of Hungary – for example at Röszke and Tompa (Serbian border) and Ártánd (Romanian border), while official information states 4-5 hours of waiting. According to the information of the Hungarian Road Carriers’ Association (MKFE), the authority controls the payment of the road tolls of foreign lorries entering, and those who have debts are removed from the queue.

This is how much you should wait now

 According to the BorderWatcher application, on Thursday morning, the waiting time for freight traffic at some Schengen border crossing was as follows:

At the Serbian-Hungarian border

Röszke: 4 hours

Tompa: 2-4 hours

At the Romanian-Hungarian border:

Ártánd: 2-4 hours

Csanádpalota: 4 hours

Nagylak and Csengersima: 1-2 hours

The waiting time at the Ukrainian border this morning was not significant.

Who knows why?

 The disruption has been more or less continuous in these places since 1 November. According to one of the Hungarian newspapers, Népszava, obsolete police equipment is the reason for the long queues. However, you may wonder how the police could fix such problems within 24 hours on other occasions, and why not now?

According to MKFE, “the congestion at the Romanian-Hungarian border crossings is partly caused by the Hungarian authorities’ tightened toll control action. The purpose of the campaign is to filter out any foreign vehicle that attempts to avoid  paying for the road toll or did so in the past and have debts.’ But if this is the case, why is there a 5-hour-long waiting at the Serbian border, for example at Röszke?

We will inform you as soon as we receive a satisfactory response from the police.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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