A truck driver showed exemplary behaviour, but some people called him names.

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A young trucker, after an accident on the German A31 motorway, secured the scene by blocking the road with his truck. He wanted to ensure the safety of the children involved in the accident.

The 27-year-old truck driver witnessed an accident on A31 near Koblenz last week. A passenger car drove into a school bus. The driver made a quick and proper decision – he decided to park his truck across the road to secure the scene and avoid another possible collision. He left the hard shoulder clear so the rescue services could reach the victims. 

The Münster police praised the driver for his exemplary behaviour. Unfortunately, not everyone liked the way the driver handled this situation.

Some drivers decided to drive past his roadblock and through the accident site. As the Westdeutsche Zeitung states, some of them even called the young driver names. 

Photo: Trans.INFO