Photo credits @ Autobahn Gmbh (illustrative purposes only)

A40 motorway in Germany to be closed for 15 weeks for bridge reconstruction

Around 100,000 vehicles travel along the A40 motorway in the Ruhr region every day. A section of the road will soon be closed for almost four months.

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In that time, half of the damaged viaduct will be rebuilt, and the so-called Schlachthofbrücke on the A40 motorway near Bochum will be demolished. Work on the Schlachthofbrücke has been underway since 2022, but actual construction work started in February 2024.

“The bridge has to be completely closed for the next phase, which is expected to take 15 weeks due to the innovative design,” reported Autobahn GmbH, the German motorway authority.

As a result, the A40 motorway will be completely closed in both directions from 6 August 2024. The section between the Bochum-Harpen and Westkreuz junctions will be affected.


During the complete closure, traffic will be diverted onto the A448 and A43 motorways.

From Essen in the direction of Dortmund, drivers will be able to take the A448 at the Bochum West interchange, then onto the A43 (at the Bochum/Witten interchange), which will take them back to the A40 at the Bochum interchange. In the opposite direction, towards Essen, the detours will be the other way around.

Further traffic restrictions

Even after the works are completed, traffic will be restricted due to the need to build the southern part of the bridge. The bridge is expected to be ready by mid-2025. Only then will normal traffic be possible, with two carriageways in each direction and with shoulders.