ADAC advises to turn on the air conditioning in winter

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Although outside temperatures do not encourage the use of air conditioning, the German automobile club advises drivers to turn in on also in winter. Why?

If you do not switch on air conditioning from time to time in the winter season, start doing it. Thanks to this, you will avoid failures in the spring and summer season, that is when air conditioning is most needed. After months of not using the AC, it may be necessary to replace the compressor – ADAC warns. Regularly switching on the air conditioning system will keep the gaskets in a good condition.

Experts advise to turn on the air conditioning at least once a week, even for 15 minutes. That should be enough for the whole system to remain well protected and not to create unpleasant surprises during the first warm days.

Photo: Pixabay/MikesPhotos Pixabay License