„Mud on the road, rain, frost and heat. Dinner in a hurry and clogged parking lots. These are the sleepless nights, empty kilometers and irritated shippers. Truckers are relentless, strong and dedicated people”- this is how a freight forwarding company from Poland, Adar, describes the work of a driver in a moving video that shows the stress, tension, and hardships of the daily struggle on the road.

This film does not show a „glistened” reality, but actual footage of what thousands of drivers are struggling with every day.  And most people, who do not even know the transport industry, are completely not aware of that. This is the essence of the drudgery and hardship of the truckers. How do you like this clip?

TransParking – a different story of a truck driver’s life

The film produced by Adar company is not the only video of its kind. In September, the hit of the Internet was a moving clip about a truck driver who took his daughter on tour. This short story showed that when looking for a place in life, you need to keep your dreams.


The producer of this clip is TransParking, a free application for truck drivers, that helps you to find a secure car park, petrol station or restaurant on your route.


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