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After a successful testing phase, Ikea Germany decided to introduce smart gloves with a scanner. They are more practical than traditional devices.

450 employees of the Dortmund logistics centre will use gloves with scanners from Proglove. “Thanks to the smart gloves produced by the Munich-based company, the scanning time of the product in the warehouse will be reduced from 7 to 3.5 seconds,” said Hakan Solmaz, head of the Dortmund distribution centre. According to the Munich-based company, the gloves will make industrial processes more efficient and ergonomic.

How do smart gloves work?

The glove-mounted barcode scanner allows the worker to perform his tasks without having to hold a traditional device in his hand. Acoustic and visual feedback helps to immediately detect incorrectly scanned products. According to the manufacturer, gloves are not only more practical but also weigh much less than conventional scanners. With a weight of 40 grams, they are the smallest and lightest of their kind in the world.

 That’s what working with Proglove gloves, which are also used by the BMW Group at the Dingolfing factory, looks like:

Photo: Youtube


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