AI-operated secure lorry park opens near Cologne

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Bosch has implemented a connected security solution for the Frechen lorry park on the A1 motorway to protect people and freight from criminals. The modern parking area near Cologne now has around 40 parking spaces.

The new lorry park meets the security standards of the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) according to the Level 2 certificate.

More than 20 security cameras with intelligent video analytics by Bosch monitor the four gated entrances and exits as well as the parking area. In addition, a pedestrian interlock ensures that only authorized persons can enter the area.

The reason for this solution is a shortage of some 400,000 secured truck parking spaces in Europe.

“The lorry park shortage along German roads is, unfortunately, a daily occurrence. Everyone has seen the lines of unsafely parked lorries along the motorways. The fact that thieves in particular take advantage of the precarious situation is felt by companies like us that transport goods throughout Europe,” explains Rein de Vries, Senior Manager Security from Samsung SDS.

With the help of AI-based video analytics, the security cameras immediately detect risks and unwanted movements and sound the alarm at the Bosch’s video control centre. Built-in video cameras also allow control centre staff to immediately contact people on the spot and notify security guards or police if necessary.

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From now on, forwarding companies can book these parking spaces via the Bosch Secure Truck Parking app.

Image credit @ Bosch