Amazon as your local grocery store? E-commerce news by Nabil

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Amazon as your local grocery store? E-commerce news by Nabil

This week, we saw Amazon push on grocery with offering free 2 hours, Porsche going e-commerce, Shopee going into Brazil, All birds going omnichannel, Waymo technology focuses on the delivery of parts and more.

Amazon free delivery on grocery

On June 16th 2017, Amazon announced the purchase of whole food, at that time, it was clear that the move was intending a strong push from Amazon into the grocery business & delivery. However, since the acquisition, many people wondered when we would see that push actually really happening! Well, it is happening right now, this announcement from Amazon of free grocery delivery in the next 2 hours is going to be a huge incentive to anyone to start using Amazon instead of many of the other services such as Instacart or direct grocery chains service. Grocery e-commerce is the fastest category of online purchase but still has very low penetration, a huge opportunity ahead for Amazon and any company that can compete…

Read about how Amazon wants to replace your local grocery store HERE.

Porsche pilots online vehicle sales in the US and Germany

Online auto sales are not new, however, a relatively new phenomenon for most car manufacturing companies (with the exception of Tesla). In June, Volkswagen made the news selling on 69 Beetle final edition on Amazon Mexico Marketplace. Porsche is following the trend of “You can buy anything online, including your car” with some steps toward that direction (even if the process is not yet 100% online). The future of online shopping will be direct to consumer and this will pose some significant shift in some industries operating under dealerships and exclusive distributors model such as the Auto industry!

Check out what I am speaking of HERE.

Shopify reach 1M sellers in network

Shopify rise continue with announcement of reaching 1M sellers in its network, love the recent quote on twitter from their CEOs Tobi Lutke “Amazon is trying to build an empire, and Shopify is trying to arm the rebels”.

Arm the rebels? How? – Learn about it HERE.

Allbirds co-CEO says company plans to open 20 stores next year

While all the Medias are focusing on the “retail apocalypse” and the multiple bankruptcies of “boring” traditional retailers. Some digitally native brands are successfully building their network of stores. The consumers are channel-agnostic and its key for brands to have an effective online presence combined with the physical world in order to connect with consumers from different angles and different experiences. Allbirds is planning to open 20 stores next year, the famous shoe company born in Silicon Valley is going Omnichannel!

It is not an everyday story. Get the details HERE.

Waymo expands self-driving services to include B2B car parts delivery trial

We often think about autonomous cars for passenger delivery but the used cases for Level 4 & level 5 autonomous cars might be in the delivery & logistics space. It’s projected that Level 4 will bring the last-mile cost down by 10-20% while level 5 will bring down the cost by 40-50%, exciting times in logistics and autonomous cars!!

You need to know THIS.

Shopee launches online store in Brazil

The South-East Asian e-commerce powerhouse Shopee is launching in Brazil and going to compete with well-established players like Mercado Livre, Lojas Americanas and Amazon Brazil. Will be in interesting to see how they plan to compete, maybe focusing on cross border products coming from Asia to Brazil? That could be a good approach.

Read about the launch HERE.

Singapore’s Qoo10 acquires Indian online marketplace ShopClues

Qoo10,  a Singapore-based e-commerce firm, has acquired India’s online marketplace ShopClues! Looks like the right move for Shopclues which has struggled to become a sustainable company with a valuation which dropped from 1.1Bln in 2016 to 80M this year….

THIS is what you need to learn about the acquisition.

Nabil Malouli is VP, Global E-commerce for DHL Supply Chain where he leads the innovation, strategy and product development of its e-commerce fulfilment and last-mile solutions.

Photo: Pixabay

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