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Amazon opens one of the most modern logistics centres in Germany

On Monday, online retail giant Amazon opened its new logistics centre in Erfurt, Germany. The centre is equipped with several thousand robots that assist with logistics operations. The company also announced plans to create 2,000 new jobs in the country by the end of the year.

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On Monday, Amazon opened another logistics centre in Thuringia. As a reminder, a warehouse in Gera has also been in operation since 2021. The new facility has an area of 62,000 sqm and will eventually employ 2,000 people. This week, 300 people started work at the new warehouse.

The new facility is designed to hold 26 million products and will handle the shipping of more than 500,000 parcels each day. More than 3,600 transport robots ensure that the goods get from the shelf to the worker and can then be packed. 

In terms of robot use, this is one of Amazon’s most modern centres in Europe.

Amazon in Germany

The newly opened warehouse is Amazon’s 21st centre in Germany, with around 60 operating across Europe (as of August 2023). Germany is an important location for the e-commerce giant, in which Jeff Bezos’ company continues to invest. In the last three years, the online retailer has completed a total of seven sites in the country (counting the latest one in Efrurt).

Last August, Amazon opened a logistics centre in Großenkneten, in September 2022 in Kaiserslautern, in August 2022 in Helmstedt, in May 2022 in Hof-Gattendorf, in August 2021 in Gera and in May 2021 in Achim. In addition, Amazon is continually investing in increasing capacity and modernising the existing logistics centres in the network.

Infografik: Amazons Logistik-Netz | Statista Infographics by Statista