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Amazon has announced the creation of the „Amazon Logistics” to encourage partners who will deliver in cities. The e-commerce giant offers help in setting up a company.

Amazon’s unusual action is not about looking for employees or transport companies that would handle deliveries on so-called last mile. The e-commerce tycoon wants to encourage ambitious and entrepreneurial partners to set up a company and cooperate with Amazon. Within the framework of „Amazon Logistics” program, it will help the interested parties to set up a shipping company in the United States.

The program will include access to Amazon’s supply technology, practical training and discounts on the package of assets and services, including car leasing and insurance. A partner participating in „Amazon Logistics” does not have to have its own vehicle, as in the case of „Amazon Flex”.

How much can you earn and how much you have to invest?

According to the group, the potential partner who operates a fleet of 40 vehicles can reach a 300 thousand dollars profit a year. 10 thousand dollars should suffice to start with and war veterans can count on the return of this minimum amount because Amazon wants to invest 1 million dollars in a special startup fund for them.

In addition, Amazon’s partners can count on discounts (from non-standard delivery vehicles, through insurance coverage, to fuel, designer clothes and many more), which the company negotiates on their behalf.

The Tycoon does not resign from the UPS and FedEx services

For now, Amazon will continue to work with existing partners – UPS, FedEx and smaller companies, although it wants to base logistics on its own network of delivery companies. The new program meets the growing market needs.

Demand is higher than ever before and we need to increase our production capacity. When we were looking for a way to support the development of our company, we decided to return to our roots and share opportunities with small and medium enterprises. We intend to allow new small businesses to take advantage of the great situation on the transport services market – said Dave Clark, senior vice president of Amazon for operations after announcing information about „Amazon Logistics”.

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