Faithfulness to specific truck brands sometimes brings surprising benefits. The 61-year-old American drives only tractors by the iconic company Peterbilt since the age of 17. In gratitude for his many years of devotion, the manufacturer rewarded him with a unique truck.

Earlier this year Peterbilt produced his one millionth truck. The jubilee copy was the 567 model with a very rich equipment. To commemorate this momentous event, the company announced a competition in which the truck was the main prize. The prize was promised to the person who shows that it is the most special bond that connects him with the brand. 1,500 fans from Canada and the United States responded to the announcement. However, the winner could only be one, and it was Rick McClerkin, whose story stole the hearts of jury members.

An extraordinary story of a truck enthusiast

Rick McClerkin’s relationship with Peterbilt dates back to early childhood. He made his first tractor trip with his father at the age of 5. Since then, he has remained under its spell. Rick started riding Peterbilt at the age of 17 and – as he mentions in one of the interviews – he never stopped. Every day he runs a small transport company, where he also works as a driver. He travels only on short local routes, thanks to which he can spend evenings in the company of his two greatest loves: Kathy, his fiancée, and trucks of a known brand.

Rick McClerkin Peterbilt

Rick is not only a driver but also a real enthusiast and collector. There are six Peterbilt trucks in his garage. Two of them are used for work, the rest are of historic character. In addition, the trucker is the owner of a 100-year-old Fageol truck from which the Peterbilt brand originated.

In addition to trucks, the American collects everything related to the brand: from catalogs to technical drawings. The entire collection, enriched with the new Peterbilt, can be admired in his home museum, which is located in San Jose. As if that was not enough, Rick willingly helps other drivers repair their Peterbilts.

The generosity of the American producer, however, did not stop at Rick alone. The remaining four finalists, which drew the attention of the jury, were awarded checks worth 10 thousand dollars. The story of the winning five proves that it is sometimes worth being faithful to one brand. Especially when you immediately feel attracted to a specific one.

Do you know other examples of such strong relationships between drivers and brands?

Source: Peterbilt/Facebook


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