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Austria is planning to increase the penalty for speeding drastically; the maximum fine would be raised to € 5,000 and, in serious cases, the so-far civil offence would be categorised as a criminal offence.

Although the Austrian government is still working on the changes, the plans are already known. The maximum fine for speeding will be increased from € 2,180 to € 5,000, and the offence will now fall into the category of a criminal offence, writes ORF.

If the bill is approved by the government, in some cases the police will also have the power to confiscate the vehicles of those caught speeding. 

Austria will also change the regulations regarding the withdrawal of a driver’s license due to speeding.

So far, the license has been withdrawn for speeding above 80 km/h in residential areas, or if the driver has exceeded the given speed limit by at least 40 km/h anywhere else. This threshold is to be reduced by 10 km/h.

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