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The German state of Baden-Württemberghas invested a considerable amount of money to provide accident victims with privacy, and the emergency services the right conditions to work. Onlookers will not make a video, nor will they take photos that will be able to trigger a sensation on the Internet.

Baden-Württemberg has spent 700 thousand euros on portable screens. At the moment 15 outposts of the motorway services of the state are equipped with screens against drivers who gape at the scene – the German transport portal reports.

The desire to trigger a sensation cannot stand above the right to the privacy of accident victims and the work of rescuers – emphasizes Winfried Hermann, Minister of Land Transport. The head of the ministry counts that special installations will not only facilitate the efficient operation of emergency services but will also help to reduce traffic jams, which were most often caused by onlookers.

According to the ministry, two people need a maximum of 25 minutes to set a wall with a length of 100 m.

Instead of taking pictures, give first aid

In the era of YouTube and social media, the desire to wake up online is beyond the limits of common sense. Road accidents happen every day, and unfortunately, there are still some people who prefer to take a photo or record a movie. Meanwhile, first aid is our duty.

The obligation to provide first aid to a person whose life or health is in danger is one of the fundamental moral norms – says Grzegorz Zmuda, the originator of the LIFESAVER training series – Life Connects Us.

The disdainful behavior of truckers

In May this year, on the German A8 motorway, a 59-year-old motorcyclist died as a result of a tragic accident. Perhaps thanks to the quick reaction it would be possible to save him. Unfortunately, the truck driver who witnessed the incident instead of giving the victim first aid was recording a video with his phone.

Two people died. Several other truck drivers also recorded the event with cell phones. They were stopped by the police. Two of them paid more than 100 euros fine already in place, the third ticket was sent by post. Men were also threatened with a fine up to 1 thousand euro and imprisonment.

Since May last year, filming the scene of an accident in Germany is a crime that in particularly drastic cases, is punishable by imprisonment for up to two years.



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