In Bettincourt, which is located in Belgium, approximately 300 km east of Calais, the parking lot was closed yesterday for vehicles with a GVW above 3.5 tonnes. The ban concerns night hours and the Belgian media cite troubles with immigrants as the cause of the new regulation. Drivers can even be arrested for violating the ban.

Along the road E40, near Waremme, a parking lot was closed yesterday at 20:00 until today 7:00  … only for trucks. The ban will apply until June 16 and aims to reduce incidents related to immigrants who not only rob vehicles at night but also try to hide in trailers to cross the border into the UK.

Fines and up to two weeks of arrest

According to a resolution signed by the governor of the province of Liège, Herve Jamara, which was published on Twitter by the Royal Federation of Belgian Carriers and Logistic Service Providers, 8 to 14 days in prison and a fine of 26 to 200 euros can be imposed for non-compliance with the new rule. Penalties can be used interchangeably.

The Belgian Professional Union of Transport and Logistics (UPTR) and the Royal Federation of Belgian Carriers and Logistic Service Providers (Febetra) are beating the alarm. Both organizations are opposed to solving problems with immigrants through actions directed against carriers. As they say, the authorities are fixing the consequences of the problem, not its cause, and truckers will pay the price.

Photo: Trans.INFO


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