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Driving in the middle of a three-lane highway without a good reason is forbidden in Belgium. Soon, you will have to pay a penalty of almost twice as much as today for such driving habits.

The situation, when the driver travels in the middle of a three-lane motorway without overtaking other vehicles, is considered as a violation of the regulations in Belgium. In this country, the Highway Code requires you to navigate to the right lane as soon as you finished overtaking. Drivers who do not practice this regulation but use the middle lane for travelling faster than the right lane are currently subject to a fine of 58 euros.

From 1 April this penalty will increase to 118 euros – informs. In the opinion of the Belgian road safety institute, the Vias, although the increase in the amount of the penalty is a progress, it will not solve the problem entirely.

Vias spokesman, Benoit Godart announced heavy road controls regarding this regulation in an interview for the Belgian RTBF radio.

Photo: Wikimedia/M.Minderhoud CCA-SA 3.0


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