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Unknown perpetrators, probably immigrants, attacked two Polish drivers who noticed that they were trying to rob a truck parked in a parking lot in a Belgian town. The interference of the Poles ended terribly for them.

The incident happened last Thursday at 4 am in Blankenberge. Poles were walking along Ruzettelaan Street when they noticed that three immigrants were trying to rob a truck parked on the Dallas campsite. Immigrants started to run in the first reflex, but after a while, they returned and threw stones at Poles. When one of the drivers tried to save a friend, he was severely injured with a knife. As a result of numerous injuries, his face is now paralyzed and he awaits a long recovery – reports European media.

Call the police and stay away

Although the police have not yet caught the perpetrators, the suspects are immigrants. The Belgian authorities are urging that in such cases witnesses of crimes should not try to intervene on their own, but immediately call the police.

The injured Poles were immediately transported to the hospital. One of them has already left, but the second one is waiting for a longer treatment. Unfortunately, being brave in such cases may end up in detriment to health.

Photo:çois Goglins CC BY-SA 4.0


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