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The British carriers’ association, RHA, says that the Operation Yellowhammer confirms all the worst fears of carriers about the impact that a no-deal Brexit will have on the supply chain. 

Among many other alarming predictions, the document of Yellowhammer Operation also states that lorries can wait up to two and a half days to cross the channel, and British drivers may be subject to increased control at the EU border. This can cause major disruptions in the supply of medicines, fuel and some types of fresh food.

This is what we’ve been talking about for the last three years; we’ve been consistently warning that no deal will mean disruption at the border and across the supply chain as firms get to grips with unfamiliar processes.

“An increase in energy from the Government has been welcome but it needs to throw all its weight into minimising the impact of leaving the EU without a deal will have on the economy.” ‘Burnett added.

Entrepreneurs’ lack of readiness in connection with limited space in French ports for unprepared trucks can reduce transport flow by 40-60%. – warns the “Yellowhammer”. 

This situation can last up to three months, and disturbances at the border can last “much longer” – according to the document.

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