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The conditions of United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union mean that some EU drivers speeding in Britain, as well as UK drivers speeding in the EU, will be able to avoid being fined if they are caught on a speed camera.

According to the The Times and The Telegraph, French officials have said that the EU’s Cross-Border Enforcement Directive no longer applies.

As a consequence, drivers of vehicles registered in Britain will no longer be sent fines for offences detected by roadside cameras. The same also applies in the other direction; drivers using vehicles registered in the EU will not be sent fines for speeding in Britain.

However, should road police in either the UK or EU catch a driver speeding, on-the-spot fines can still be administered regardless of the vehicle registration.

The Telegraph report that the change will cost the French Government £60 million a year if traffic from British motorists returns to pre-Covid levels. Similarly, the UK will also lose income from fines that would have been handed out to drivers of EU registered vehicles.

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