Brexit: you need to make your first customs declaration now

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Brexit: you need to make your first customs declaration now

Vital deadline approaching: the Brexit transition period can be extended (once) for up to two years, providing that a request is lodged by 30th June (ie3 weeks!).

 It needs to be negotiated (financial package etc) and agreed by the 27 Member States. The team of Boris Johnson has made it perfectly clear that the transition period will NOT be extended. Even Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI (and a staunch critic of Brexit) has accepted that delaying further serves no real purpose. Businesses need certainty, even if it is not the outcome they prefer.

Accept that Customs processes will be required. We have and spent the last two years preparing.  

We’ve done our bit and now it’s time for you to do yours…

Brexit will generate 550,000 additional Customs declarations…….per day!

70+% of this documentation is repetitive. Once the first movement is done, the subsequent flows will be smoother.The problem is, that for many, the first movement will be Jan/Feb 2021 and the process could crash under the weight of ‘first-timers’. It can take an hour to complete a first-time entry. After that, entries can be done in minutes as the templates will be established. The solution is simple: we need to create the first entry NOW! It really is as simple as that.

We need your data! See attached instructions HERE.

There is no charge. There is no obligation. This is a vital step in the process and should not be delayed. We appreciate that COVID-19 has created major difficulties, it has for us also, but there is still much to do and we cannot be having this conversation in September – it will be too late!

If you have already provided your MASTER DATA then please ignore this message. Our team are working through your data and generating initial entries and templates. Thank you for appreciating the importance of this phase.

Please excuse the punchy nature of this communication but Mr Nice Guy will be stuck at the border waiting for documentation and we are doing everything we can to prevent that.

Whilst I have your attention; the second BRUNCH event is this Thursday. TEAMS invite attached HERE. This will include a walk-through of goods on the move, what needs doing, by whom and when. Hope to see you there.

Robert Hardy is the founder of The Customs Clearance Consortium, he is a BREXIT Advisor and a Registered Expert with EU Commission.

Photo: UK Home Office/ Wikimedia Commons

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