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First positive news for international transport from Brussels – according to official communication, after 18 months of work on changes to the European rules on the coordination of social security systems, the principle that a mobile/posted worker remains in the social security system of the employer’s country of residence has not been changed. This is not the end of the legislative procedure, but a hint of reason.

There have been attempts to change this principle and to introduce an obligation to ensure the employee in the country where they usually work. Strong voices of justified objection gave the first pro-market and pro-employee result. However, there have been some changes.

The obligation to ensure the employee and the self-employed sent to the host country for a period of up to 24 months in the country of the establishment at least 3 months before the posting has been introduced. This is an impediment, but not the next revolution that the transport industry was so concerned about.

We are waiting for the full text of the amended regulations to be made public in order to assess their full impact on the industry.

Photo: Trans.INFO


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