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Under the third Mobility Package, the European Commission intends to propose the implementation of an electronic consignment note (e-CMR) throughout the European Union.

The European Commission is planning to propose the introduction of a pan-European e-CMR – informs the German logistics association DSLV. Until now, tests have only been carried out in individual EU countries. After the expertise of the electronic consignment note made by the European Shipper Association CLECAT, the EC wants to include a proposal to implement electronic documents in the transport industry in the third Mobility Package. The draft document will not be ready until May this year.

The purpose of implementing e-CMR

According to the Commission, the purpose of introducing electronic consignment notes is to facilitate an effective and efficient exchange of information and documents between forwarding, logistics and transport companies operating on the European internal market. The exchange of data concerning the entire supply chain as well as the connection with state authorities should prepare the industry for the next phases of digitization of the transport sector and lead to the automation of processes.

Advantages of e-CMR

The benefits of using e-CMR are many, both from the point of view of carriers and shippers.

Transports carried out with the use of an electronic bill of lading are tracked throughout Europe and analyzed in real time. Electronic CMR will allow carriers to conveniently archive logistic information.

The contracting parties will have access to information about the entire process, such as the place and time of loading, where the cargo is located and which truck is transporting it.

In addition, subsequent actions, i.e invoicing, delivery confirmation or commencing complaint procedures, will be faster and cheaper.

Thanks to e-CMR, after completing the transport, carriers can immediately issue a bill for the service provided, and this will significantly shorten the waiting for payment period.

See what the electronic consignment note looks like:

Photo: Trans.INFO


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