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 Here We Present you India’s best Electronics manufacturer„Pranu Electrico”. Pranu Electrico is the best Electronics Product & for WholesaleElectronic Products . Pranu Electrico offers a wide range ofResidential & Commercial Electronics Product, CFL, LED, Bulb, LEDLight, Led Bulb, LED Tube Light, LED Panel Light, LED Floodlight, LED Downlight, Electric Switch, Indoor & OutdoorLightning, LED CFL Light, Big Panel Light, High Bay Light, etc. 


Pranu International started under the leadership of Mr. Prashant Kumar Mishra, The activities started by end of FY2013-14 as a trading entity with a single commodity and a single internationalclient. As a result of our constant evolution process, today we are a publiclimited company and reputed player in global commodity trade, with a portfoliomix comprising multiple commodities, clients, and geographies. 

The Pranu International team is a perfectblend of experienced professionals from the technical, commercial,trading/logistics and financial background. This combined with the Company’svision backed by professional competence, hard work, and unrelenting effortshave led to its sustainable growth. 

Over the years, Pranu International Pvt Ltd.has created a niche for itself by fulfilling commodity requirements in India,the Middle East, South and South East Asia, Far East, Australia, Europe, andAfrica. Today, Pranu International is well known as a leading Buyer, Processor,Marketer, Exporter and Importer of bulk agricultural commodities namely Sugar,Edible Oils, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Cotton and a number of textile products Carpet,Rugs, & Wall Wallpaper. Pranu International Pvt Ltd also offers innovativefinancial structured products linked to physical commodities. 

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