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A low bridge that crosses Randolph Street in London has been labelled as a lorry trap by local residents after yet another HGV driver was involved in an accident there on Wednesday.

Footage of the aftermath of the accident shot by Newsflare shows how a truck’s trailer got jammed underneath the bridge, causing concern that there may be structural damage to the railway crossing.


Newsflare’s video reporter said confusion from the different signs on either side of the bridge may have caused the accident:

The sign just before the bridge says 14.4, the one entering the road says 16.4. The police said the lorry driver got confused because there is different signage and there’s two bridges, one lower than the other. That’s why he managed to get stuck underneath the bridge.

As reported by My London, the aforementioned accident is by no means the only one in recent memory involving the bridge and an HGV. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by local residents, who have reportedly been discussing the issue on various Facebook groups.

The London newspaper states that some residents have said road closures, traffic restrictions and poor signing have all played a role in causing accidents at the bridge.

One Facebook user who was seemingly enraged by London’s HGV restrictions even went as far as to say the city will soon only be accessible to cyclists:

Unbelievable!!!! The poor lorry drivers, Islington the same. Our boroughs will become isolated and inhabitable except for cyclists.

After being contacted by My London for comment, a spokesperson for the local council said the situation would be investigated:

The Council are aware of the recent incidents at the bridge on Randolph street and are investigating. Whilst there is signage in place in advance of the bridge to warn drivers, we continue to work with Network Rail, who own the bridge, to understand the details.

Photo credit: Google Street View


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