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The Dutch police have carried out two successful actions in the last few days. They managed to catch cargo thieves, in one of the cases in the act. 

On Thursday night in the De Slenk parking lot on the A50 motorway nearby Arnhem, the Dutch police caught three men who were trying to steal electronic equipment from a parked truck. A 26-year-old resident of Eindhoven, a 36-year-old Colombian and a third man, who later managed to escape, carried boxes from the truck to another vehicle. 

According to the police, thirty boxes with electronics were ready to be collected next to the trailer which had a slashed tarpaulin. After a short chase two men were arrested, the third managed to escape. 

During Wednesday night at the Knegsel parking lot on the A67 motorway, cargo was stolen from a Polish truck and the tarpaulin was ripped apart in approximately 20 other vehicles. At the scene of the incident, a suspicious van was spotted – Ford Transit – registered in Germany.

A few hours later the police tried to stop a vehicle matching the description on the A67 motorway, but its driver ignored the officers and fled. Soon the vehicle hit the barrier and ended up in a ditch. The men travelling in it jumped out of the van and fled into the forest by the motorway. One of them, a 30-year-old Romanian, was captured, two others escaped. The man was charged with involvement in a crime and immediately arrested. The van was also impounded and will serve as evidence in the case. 

Photo: Pixabay


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