Photo: CEVA Logistics press materials

CEVA Logistics to integrate Bolloré Logistics into its operations

CEVA Logistics has announced it will soon begin the process of integrating Bolloré Logistics into its operations under a new “product-driven organisational model”.

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Readers may recall that Bolloré Logistics was acquired by the CEVA Logistics owner CMA CGM Group in February of this year.

In a press release, CEVA Logistics has confirmed that Bolloré Logistics will be integrated into the CEVA Logistics company and brand. It is expected that the rebranding process will be finished by the end of 2024.

As a result of this process, CEVA says it expects “improved product development and operational excellence”.

“The vertically aligned product teams are expected to accelerate CEVA’s ability to engineer new solutions and then apply them more quickly to customer challenges across all geographies,” claims CEVA.

In addition to the above, CEVA has announced that it is combining its Air and Ocean operations.

Commenting on the news, CEVA Logistics CEO Mathieu Friedberg said:

“Our teams have been working toward this moment for many years, and I’m so proud of where we are as a company. CEVA Logistics is moving to a vertical, product-driven organisation that will benefit our team and our customers as we compete among the Top 5 of the logistics industry. The vision we put in place for CEVA with the support of the CMA CGM Group is taking its final form. Our ability to innovate and collaborate with our customers to improve their global supply chains through truly end-to-end solutions is unmatched in some market segments.”