integrates with supply chain visibility provider Overhaul

You can read this article in 2 minutes, a cloud-based integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain, has announced an integration with supply chain visibility and risk management provider Overhaul. integrates with supply chain visibility provider Overhaul

In a statement, said the integration would expand the ability of freight forwarders, shippers, brokers, and carriers to unlock cost efficiencies, improve quality processes, optimize security, and ensure data quality.

Commenting on the announcement, Brian Glick, founder and CEO of, said:

“Resiliency of your supply chain relies heavily on the quality of data that you receive from your systems, which can be turned into actionable business insights. Forwarders and shippers that have the most diverse and clean data will regularly provide more value to their customers and their own bottom line. By integrating Overhaul into our connective network, our customers now have another way to turn data into forward-thinking business decisions.”

As a result of the integration logistics service providers will be able to use’s backend connective network to create shipments in Overhaul’s system. This, it is said, shall improve the quality and integrity of data, thus securing forwarding operations from disruptive events.

Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul, added:

“Our ability to provide course-correction to all partners along the global supply chain affords peace of mind, creates measurable efficiencies, and develops stronger relationships that build a robust safety culture. Through our integration into, we can extend our birds-eye-view of your supply chain to more logistics companies, bringing innovative technology to combat the data visibility and security solutions that plague millions.”

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