Chain of Responsibility – What you need to know

Chain of Responsibility legislation is………well…….a big responsibility. So if you work in Supply Chain you really need to be aware of your responsibilities and make sure you are compliant with any local legislation. Here in Australia it’s called ‘Chain of Responsibility’, but there is similar legislation all over the World, so please check your local legislation.

If you need any help of advice, why not connect with Urszula Kelly on LinkedIn. Urszula is an accredited Chain of Responsibility auditor here in Australia.

Do you have Chain of Responsibility type legislation in your country? What do you call it? Who are parties in the supply chain ❓ There are a lot. The parties in the Chain of Responsibility for a heavy vehicle are:

  • an employer of a driver
  • a prime contractor for the driver – if the vehicle’s driver is self-employed
  • an operator of the vehicle a scheduler for the vehicle
  • a loading manager for any goods in the vehicle a loader and/or unloader of a vehicle a consignor of any goods for transport by the vehicle a consignee of any goods in the vehicle a loader and/or unloader of any goods in the vehicle

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