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The Spanish police reported that it imposed a high penalty on a driver for manipulating the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. Such fine will certainly deter others from this dishonest practice.

This week, the road department of the city of Tudela stopped a truck driver in Cintruénigo who traveled the route from Germany to Madrid. As the officers stated, the SCR system in the vehicle was manipulated, which is why they punished the driver with a fine of 9 thousand euro. Why such a high amount? Manipulations with AdBlue are a serious offense against the environment.

Controls in the UK

In Britain, penalties are no longer as severe as in Spain. The British give the driver or carrier 10 days to remove the AdBlue emulator. If SCR system operation is not restored within this period, the offender receives a fine of 300 pounds and the vehicle is detained. This year, the British agency DVSA announced increased controls regarding Adblue’s manipulation.

Last year, from August to November, DVSA officers inspected 3,735 trucks for AdBlue handling. Devices that disable the SCR system were found in every twelfth vehicle.

Interestingly, manipulations were more frequently detected in trucks registered in Great Britain (8.5% of inspected vehicles) than in foreign ones (5%).

Photo: Wikimedia / Beademung CCA-SA 3.0


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