Check out this Scania tuning: a luxurious cab with a “yacht” interior

Check out this Scania tuning: a luxurious cab with a “yacht” interior

Sailing through the sea of life in a luxurious yacht that is decorated with hand-painted surfaces and club-like lights would be something of a dream for many. And this Scania cabin is just like that: with its unique wooden-like embellishments and black leather seats it is definitely a workplace where you could spend more time.

The French water transfer printing specialist H-Custom (Hydrotransfert Custom) company is specialized in vehicle tuning and now has built a special Scania cabin with an interior reminiscent of a luxury yacht.

The upgraded cabin’s most impressive part is the floor, now covered with moisture-resistant parquet. Also, all the drawers, door handles and even the steering wheel received inserts that mimic the veneer. The dashboard is an elegant mix of veneer, leather and white plastic reminiscent of the hull of pleasure boats.

The light system is also special, inspired by clubs where millionaire yacht-owners might spend their nights. LED lights and cover the back wall, ceiling, drawers above the bed, and also the dashboard and door faces to provide an intimate atmosphere.

The seats were covered with high-quality black leather. The sound system is also a special one. The tuning is completed with the inscription Yacht Edition on the glove compartment.

The lorry belongs to the French Herel transportation with a fleet of only 6 vehicles and is specialized in transporting equipment for the livestock industry.

Photo credit @ H Custom/ Facebook

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