China and Russia to open a new border crossing for trucks

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The government of the Russian Federation has approved the decision to open a new border crossing point for Kani-Kurgan (Amur region) – Heihe (China). The creation of a crossing with a capacity of 630 trucks per day is part of the “International Cooperation and Export” project.

The Kani-Kurgan-Heihe crossing is on the list of priority export control points in the Far East, the construction and reconstruction of which is planned within the framework of the “International Cooperation and Export” project. The project is to be implemented by May 2020. It involves support for the development of the transport and manufacturing sectors.

It is expected that the new crossing will be completed in 2020. Its opening will be connected with the completion of the construction of the border bridge at the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe crossing. The point will be open 24 hours a day and its capacity will be 630 trucks, 164 buses, 68 passenger cars and 1.5 thousand people a day.

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Modernization of Zabaykalska crossing

The largest border crossing point between Russia and China, Zabaykalska, is also to be modernized in 2020. Every day the border at this place is crossed by 5,000 people and 70 trucks, but due to the increased flow of goods, the crossing is no longer able to handle more trucks. The work on the extension and modernization of the crossing will take three years and will cost about 1 billion roubles (about 14 million euros).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons