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Hamburg thanks truck drivers for their daily work. Tomorrow, the truckers will receive 7 thousand cinnamon rolls and thank-you cards in the German port city. In this way, the organizers want to get the public to reflect on the role of drivers in their daily lives.

After successful campaigns „Hamburg says thank you” in 2016 and 2017, the time has come for the third edition of the event, which meets with a very warm reception among drivers.



#Logistikheld is an initiative of local associations of carriers and forwarders, supported by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Several dozen companies from the region and media patrons also participate in the organization of the event. Their number, like in the case of rolls, is growing from year to year. In 2017, 6,000 drivers got to drivers cinnamon sweetness.

Compliments to drivers

Truck drivers will receive cinnamon rolls (Franzbrötchen) and thank-you cards for logistic heroes (Logistikheld) as part of tomorrow’s action. Gifts will be given out in the port and at the airport.

„Truckers are silent, omnipresent heroes” emphasize the creators of the initiative, adding that without professional drivers, our daily functioning would not be possible.

We want to draw attention to this through our actions! Often, people get nervous when trucks form long lines on motorways or make it difficult to in the city. There are a lot of negative emotions and they are mainly directed to drivers who, after all, do their work for the end customer – for us all. If, on the other hand, a yogurt is missing on the shelf in our favorite store, the lack of understanding appears again. We want to make people reflect” – say the organizers.


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