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Problems related to the DPF filter in diesel vehicles are well known both to carriers and manufacturers. However, costly problems can be avoided if the professional regeneration of sub-assemblies is properly taken care of. FSX, a new technology developed in the USA, comes in handy. See how it works.

Regeneration using the FSX method allows to significantly extend the life of the filters and reduce operating costs.

The FSX system can handle all trucks that comply with Euro 6 emission standards. The Volvo and Renault truck manufacturers recommend FSX technology to clean their filters. In addition, the FSX system can support filters in:

– buses,

– construction machinery

– farm tractors.

How does the FSX system work?

The FSX system uses patented, state-of-the-art technology to scan the entire filter surface, along with each cell. As a result, the air can be inflated from different sides, increasing cleaning efficiency. This technology, known as the Air knife Scanning Technology, allows removing 95 percent of dust and soot in just 22 minutes.

Using the FSX system has various benefits. One of them is the reduction of fuel consumption by up to 3 l/100 km. The technology also allows to reduce the risk of SCR system failure and extend catalyst life. Regeneration with the FSX system is considered a factory, and everything comes with a 12-month warranty. What is most important, however, the cost of using such a service is several times lower than the cost of purchasing a completely new filter.

Photo: FSX


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