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Shares in a company, housing, and now another idea – cars for private use – these are the ways Western companies are trying to attract drivers. Who gives more?

To encourage potential candidates to work in his company, a Belgian entrepreneur decided to offer his employees company cars after two years of safe and economical driving. Xwift, based in Flanders, as well as carriers all over Europe, have trouble with finding employees. Therefore, he decided to offer this unusual bonus to future drivers.

It’s better than handing over the car right away. We have to make sure that the employee deserves it. It motivates him to drive more cautiously. In my opinion, it is a great prize,” explained Dieter Denys, director of Xwift, for

To assess the drivers, the Belgian carrier will use the data recorded by the fleet software. It will take into account not only safety but also driving style. As Denys points out, truckers will be able to choose – a car for their own use or a raise.

Apartments in Germany

Germans, in turn, tempt workers from abroad with apartments at cost. Recently, the German company Brucker has handed over 14 flats in the city of Aalen, where they will accommodate truckers from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia. In this way, the company wants to keep drivers for longer.

French bonuses

In France, the lack of truck drivers is also noticeable (about 15,000  truckers), though definitely less severe than in Poland (100,000 drivers) or in Germany (about 45,000 drivers). The French industry is slowly changing the way employees are recruited because traditional methods are no longer enough.

Stef Transport France introduced an interesting idea for attracting new employees. An enterprise employing 3 thousand drivers decided to offer future employees company shares or a savings program. A share package or a savings account will be received by anyone who has been in the company for at least three months. As emphasized by Renaud Bouet, HR director at Stef Transport France, the employee share ownership model has not been used in the transport industry.

Which of these bonuses convinces you the most? Or maybe you have another idea for trucker benefits?

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