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Confiscation of a semi-trailer in Germany: Lithuanian company punished for infringement

The Bavarian police have announced the confiscation of a semi-trailer belonging to a Lithuanian haulier. The consequences could have been even more severe.

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Last week, police in Siegsdorf, Bavaria, reported that a Lithuanian haulier had once again been caught without proper insurance. This time, the operator’s driver was stopped on the A8 motorway near Grabenstätt.

“Recently, a shipping company from northern Lithuania has come under the scrutiny of officials in Siegsdorf due to repeated violations of the Law on Compulsory Insurance of Foreign Vehicles, aimed at illegally gaining a competitive advantage” reads the police release.

A recent inspection on the Bavarian A8 has resulted in serious consequences for the Lithuanian company, which has apparently not learned from its previous mistakes. Upon being informed of the infringement, the public prosecutor’s office in Traunstein applied to the district court for the confiscation of the vehicle, and the court agreed. 

However, fortunately for the company, due to the ownership situation, the confiscation could only cover the Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailer. Otherwise, the consequences for the haulier would have been even more severe.

As per the court’s decision, the police confiscated the semi-trailer carrying approximately 20 tonnes of pellets. The Lithuanian company had to arrange for the transfer of the cargo, destined for a customer in Italy, to a replacement vehicle, incurring additional costs as a result of the infringement.

The confiscated semi-trailer, with a current value in the upper four-digit range (in euros), remains in official custody and is to be sold to the treasury of the Free State of Bavaria, adds the Bavarian police.