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Over a couple of months in 2017 more than 300 trucks with AdBlue emulator were caught by the British authorities during the controls aiming to detect AdBlue.

According to the British agency DVSA officers controlled 3735 trucks for AdBlue manipulation in the period from August to November last year. In every twelfth truck the officers found devices that turn off the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system – as informed by the Britishwebsite

The Agency checked in total 1784 vehicles registered in Great Britain – 8.5% of them had the emulator (151 vehicles). On the other hand, of 1657 trucks from abroad, only 5% (82 vehicles) had the manipulated system of selective catalytic reduction.

According to DSVA, currently the officers are examining 100 companies that have a fleet of up to 80 trucks each.

10 days to remove the emulator

If the agency officers determine the manipulation, they give the driver or the carrier 10 days to remove the AdBlue emulator. If the operation of the SCR system is not restored within this period, the culprit will get a fine of 300 pounds  and the vehicle will be immobilised.

So far, the controls of these practices have been conducted in five locations. This year their number will increase.

Hidden agenda of the manipulation

The subject of the manipulation with AdBlue emulators came to light through the report conducted by the German television ZDF. In the report The Germans accused the carriers, mostly from Eastern Europe, of using emulators to reduce expenses – both on AdBlue and tolls. The reason is that in Germany the trucks with SCR system are subject to lower toll rates.

It turns out, however, that this case is much more complex than that. The reason for the manipulations is the desire to save money, but not on tolls or reagent, but on expensive repairs of faulty SCR system.

Photo: Wikimedia/Beademung CCA-SA 3.0



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